How to differentiate between good and bad in web designing

Web-DesignCorporate clients are always looking for good website design companies that have  skilled and properly trained web designers as their staff. But in many cases the clients are not aware about the ways to tell the bad from the good. It is a fact that not all web design/ development firms are equal. Before hiring a firm to develop your website you need to get familiar with some of the things that will set apart the bad from the good. Developing an idea about the field of web design from a client perspective is more important than people realize because hiring the wrong people can cost you time and money without giving you the proper service.

Just like a good company for Website Design, bad website designing companies will also have certain attributes. Here are some warning signs that can warn a client about a bad company.

Personal website- if a web design company does not have a well maintained website of their own it means there is something horribly wrong with the company. It also conveys a lack of professionalism. A website is your chance of showing your skills and strengths, no good company will neglect that. Remove any such company from your consideration.

Portfolio- maintaining a portfolio of previous projects is almost a natural thing to do for any good web designing company. Often clients ask to see the portfolio so that they can get an idea about the quality of the work by the company.  But if a web designing company has no portfolio then perhaps it is an indication that the company have not executed any notable projects that can be added to a portfolio. This ultimately means that you should avoid the company.

Specialization- generally each company has its own area of specialization. If a company claims to be expert in all kinds of web services then you judge them more thoroughly before hiring because often it turns out that they can deliver only mediocre service because they do not have all the experts. Only a large company with separate sections with all the required professionals can deliver all round service.

Lack of communication- if a web designing company is not being clear about cost and time period of the project then perhaps they are not very dependable! A good company always maintains strong communication with its client and even prospective clients.

Just like a company, there are ways to tell a good web designer in Dubai from a bad one.  A good designer will ask you questions about your project in detail and will share his perspective on it. But an ordinary designer will not go to that depth and will take a more mechanical approach. A good web designer always tries to maintain the preferences of the client. But a bad designer can care less about any subtle demands of the client and will try to finish the project at hand somehow or the other.