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We pride ourselves on not only being one of the biggest web-hosting companies in the UK but also being one of the most forward thinking and innovative options on the market. Whether you are looking to build the initial website for your business or need to host a website that already garners plenty of traffic we have the expertise and the knowledge available to ensure the success of your website.
The support we provide our clients with is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we make a personal pledge to respond extraordinarily quickly to any request you may have. We understand that time is a valuable commodity to our client and we will not waste any of yours. We offer an advanced web hosting system that is easy to operate and understand; as it has been developed solely in-house we are able to adapt it to match the requirements of each individual client.

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cPanel Hosting web content with www.whm-reseller.co.uk make web shoucast hosting effortless and tailored to their customers. We offer a selection of options so you can find the cPanel hosting that best fits your needs. We offer the convenience of 24/7 advice every day of the year. We can cater for all requirements through our wide selection of plans and can accommodate the smallest request to the most technically demanding. We offer many advantages over our competitors with our complete support team and expert knowledge on generators, web hosting features and a one-click install scripts; all included in your package.
Comprehensive web hosting at a sensible price We believe in providing our clients with competitive rates for our services without any compromise to the product you receive; this is why at “WebAndSeo” we offer a fully UK based support team available to you at all times with no extra charge. With this level of care you can be assured of receiving a top quality service.

Why choose Internet hosting from “WebAndSeo”?

Our extensive range of benefits includes:
Web cPanel hosting with no limitations Your website will be have access to unlimited bandwidth and space so it can constantly grow and evolve.
The benefit of  our UK web cPanel WHM hosting service ensures that your business will target your UK customer base via search engine listings to optimise your online presence.
Round the clock support We pride ourselves on being available to service our clients’ needs day and night with rapid response times.
Mobile web hosting Our web hosting applications are compatible with Android phones and the iPhone and iPad enabling you to manage your account on the go.
Library of resources We have a library of features designed to accommodate you including a selection of popular scripts with one-click installation, readymade templates, generators and stock images.
Our personal guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with our services we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Purchasing web shoutcast hosting in UK

Purchasing web hosting services from “WHM Reseller” is swift and hassle free. After registering for a free account you just need to select the package that is the solution for you and start enjoying expert web cPanel hosting. We offer instant activation for your account.
Our easy registration service is quick and trouble free but should you require some support or have any queries our sales group are ready to assist you. We offer a range of flexible payment options in addition to optional web hosting add-ons.