[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very day thousands of people use the Internet to search for goods or services they need. This activity has already become a standard because the Internet is the shortest way in buyer-seller or manufacturer-contractor relationships.

Website design is one of the main pillars of our offer. The websites designed by our team ensure effective availability of what our clients offer to Web surfers.

The website is no longer a mere showcase or presentation of what is offered. To be successful, the website must now contain web-based applications to enrich the advertising media as well as to enable direct online shopping, actual cost calculations, etc.

Website design is just the first step in making a website work properly in the Internet. Our clients can now present their offerings round the clock, as we have set up a hosting centre offering maintenance for their websites and web-based applications. For the security of our clients data, every day we make backups of their data and ensure proper functioning of our centres servers.

Implementation Steps

Website creation is a process that involves the work of a team of different professionals: graphic artists, analysts and developers. By dividing this process into steps, we can optimally take advantage of the potential and creativity of our team.


In this step, we review our clients principal activity, offerings, existing accounts and available advertising materials. Its purpose is to define future content and website design.

Web Page Design

In this step, the layout of the homepage and its subpages is designed. Once this job is complete, the client is provided for approval with graphic files depicting the sites future appearance, logical structure and navigational system map.
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Page Coding

Once the graphic design is approved by the client, we start encoding individual website pages. Our graphic artists and developers adapt and optimise the graphics for the purpose of web publishing. In addition, we enrich the site with animated DHTML or Flash elements.

Implementation and Promotion

We offer to implement a ready-to-use website on our server. A detailed description of our hosting services can be found here. In addition, we report every site we have created to many search engines and online catalogues.

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