There are people who like open field action, and there are others who prefer stealth, which urges you to hold your breath and requires the execution of the perfectly timed plan, and for the lovers of stealth, Dishonored 2 is a treat. Dishonored 2 gives you the sneaky satisfaction of hiding and at the same time arms you with different essentials like hiding options, movement through keyholes, and silent killing of your enemies. It also gives you the engrossing satisfaction of beating and killing your enemies.

Killing your Enemies

You can kill your enemies in the game in many ways: you can kick them through the skylight, you can blast them, you can throw them off the cliffs, and you can use hand-grenades to blast them to pieces. All this might seem pretty sadistic, but it is really amusingly satisfying with the viewpoint of the game. The game, Dishonored 2, is more like a toy box instead of the game because you can do as much experimentation as you want. That is to say, you can kill your enemies in whatever manner you like. Whenever you make a new move, you are rewarded for making use of your creativity. You may purchase the t-shirt for this game from Sunfrog.

Continuation of the Sequel

All that is said is true for the first part of the game as well as this second one because the game takes the starting point from its previous story and builds on it. However, there are few things that you will find new like you can engage your enemies in many ways without killing them like you can use nonlethal drop attacks which will stun your opponents for a limited period of time, and in the meanwhile, you can grab and kill your opponents. There are amusing new weapons, and one among them is crossbow bolt, if you use this weapon, it will blind your enemies as well as it will push them into chemical induced madness. One interesting thing about the weapons is that you can upgrade your weapons. You can upgrade your simple pistol to something different and more useful.

New Protagonist

One thing that makes the game different from the previous game is that the protagonist in this game is different from the previous one and she has her own set of powers. She possesses many supernatural powers like she can stop the time. Another interesting thing is the hypnotizing power of Emily; she can hypnotize people and can walk with them like a shadow. As do the weapons, these supernatural capabilities also make the game much more interesting and turn the game into a ground of experimentation and in the longer run offer you fruits of reward. Whatever strategy you use can be used both in lethal and non-lethal ways. The CD Key of this game can be purchase from G2A.

Threatening Enemies

Another interesting part of the game is that your enemies are really threatening and that is why you have to be very careful at every point in the game. Your enemies dodge you, flank you, and they also throw rocks at you to keep you off-balance. Instead of waiting for you to attack first, they simply come at you with all their power, and the moment you see them, they are on you already. You have plenty of killing options in the game: you can kill them with the swordplay, as well as you can kill them with the combo action. And if you are using a stealth pattern, most often your enemies will recognize that and then you will have to break that pattern.