Linkworkers – Buy or Sell Links

I would like to introduce our new idea – A real-time platform for buying and selling links.

We all know that buying quality links for SEO or traffic became complicated today. If you want to buy real SEO friendly backlinks from which you will have real benefits you have to carefully choose where to do that. Google algorithms are more rigorous from day to day. Buying tons of cheap links especially from niche different than yours can seriously harm your website and very easy you can get a penalization by Google. Almost 90% of market offers “quality” links but the quality is sometimes now what you expected.

Example are many websites and platforms where you can buy from a couple to thousand links for just a few dollars. Who is a bit familiar with SEO knows how much it costs to get a real link from a solid website, and I’m talking about monthly charge. Forums are perhaps the best option but on the other side they can’t guarantee any security and require a lot of wasted time for searching. Nobody can guarantee that the seller will not remove your link the next day – link which you paid well. Because of these circumstances we came up with the idea to create a real-time platform (market) for buying and selling links – Linkworkers.

The Idea

Linkworkers is designed to connect link buyers (Buyers) and those who want to sell ad space on their website (Sellers) .


If you want to buy a link for SEO boost or traffic you just need to register and create a New Campaign in which you will indicate your requirements. After our review, if everything is OK, we set your campaign as approved, and it will start running in our system.

Options :

  • Select the link, depending on your budget and quality (DA ,PR, Alexa… ), as well as the time period
  • If you think that the Seller sidestepped your instructions you can rate such task as “Not satisfied” and wait for someone else to complete same task
  • You can target websites by their language, website niche (category), PR (PageRank), Alexa Ranking, etc.
  • $2 Sign up bonus for testing out Linkworkers – You can order your first links for free


The process is exactly the same in the form of registration, except you are not creating any Campaign but submit your Website(s) on which you want to sell Ad space. During the application process, you only need to verify ownership by simply uploading small letter code or txt document on your Website. After our review, if all conditions (minimal requirements) are met, we set your Website as approved & active. Then you are eligible to work in our system and sell ad space.


  • Choosing the link which you want to place on your website (SEO friendly)
  • Monitoring “Daily installments” payments
  • Open a Complain if you think your task was misrated unreasonably and we will perform a review

All users can be Buyers and Sellers at the same time, without any limitations.

*** Linkworkers ***

Linkworkers is there to monitor the whole process securing the both sides. On the one hand, if you pay for a link we guarantee that the link remains on the website placed, otherwise money is refunded to your Linkworkers account. You can manually check each link placed to determine if Seller has removed it. If that happens, you can report this to us via ticketing system and we will stop paying installments to such Seller. Funds for remaining period will be sent back to your account. On the other hand, if you place a link on your website for the period requested by a Buyer we guarantee that you will be paid in full when you reach a minimum payout limit.

Linkworkers Rank (LW Rank)

In order to classificate Websites by quality, we have introduced Linkworkers rank (LW Rank). LW Rank goes to range of 0-9, where LW-0 means weakest websites, while LW-9 means website is strong. When the Seller submits a website our SEO team performs a complete review based on factors such as the DA / PA (Domain Authority / Page Authority), PR (PageRank), website traffic, mozRank, quality of backlinks (external), amount of OBL (outgoing backlinks) and at the end we load the website manually to determine the quality & content, design and popularity in general.

  • The higher LW Rank of website is, the higher cost of the link will be (Seller makes more money / Buyer receives higher quality link)
  • We don’t accept all websites submitted. Spam, weak content, dropped domains, fake PR and undefinied / uncategorized websites will not be approved. We have minimum set of requirements that must be met in order to participate with selling links.
  • To ensure Quality we perform periodic re-check of Websites and update their LW Rank (15 days).
  • LW-0 is the weakest category of websites, but they also must meet our minimum requirements for approval.

Daily Installment System

In order to guarantee that the Seller will retain the link for the expected period of time, Linkworkers doesn’t pay the whole amount to Seller immediately, but uses partial payments – Daily Installments. Price of link is divided with number of days (3/6/12 months) then we pay this partial amount to the Seller. If Seller removes the link from website before the estimated deadline, we will terminate daily payments and the rest of the money will be returned to Buyer’s account balance.

Affiliate Program

We have an affiliate program that offers the possibility of additional income. If a user who registered with Linkworkers through your referral link makes a deposit, 5% of the deposit amount goes directly into your account balance. You are not required to work on Linkworkers in order to participate in our affiliate program. Just place a link or post a short review of our service on your Website / Blog, Facebook page, Twitter… and periodically check whether someone has registered using your referral link. In your “Account” you can also track your earnings you made via Affiliate program.

Withdraw methods and Payment Processors

When your account balance reaches $9 you can request a withdrawal of funds via payment processor of your choice. Linkworkers currently supports PayPal (Withdraw & Deposit), Skrill (Withdraw & Deposit) and we are in the process of enabling Payza and Credit Cards. Paypal deposits are processed instantly (automated), while Skrill deposits are processed in only few hours. All withdrawals are processed 7 days after placing a request.

Sign Up Bonus

We offer $2 Sign Up Bonus so you can test our system for FREE by buying a few links for your website. You don’t need to be an SEO Expert or Web Developer to use our services. Our platform is user-friendly and very easy to handle.

We hope to see you at Linkworkers –