Energy and Data: Bringing High Speed Internet and Energy to millions worldwide

25 Million Computer users in Asia/Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Latin America protect their daily work on the computer, thanks to Gautam Chitnis.   Gautam spearheaded the World Operations of two large companies, American Power Conversion and TrippLite to bring personal and server battery backup systems to millions of homes and businesses worldwide.

From Santiago, Chile to Christchurch, New Zealand and all the land between computers users are using computers in environments where their data can be totally wiped out with erratic electricity.

Having solved this problem, he founded and launched a successful Corporation providing SmartConnect Fiber to the Home Systems to provide high-speed data and video-using Fiber to the home technology to over 45 Million homes in 25 countries in Europe, United States and Asia/Pacific at a low cost.

In a recent interview with the Tribune, Gautam Chitnis was asked what his next challenge. “I am working with strong world-class partners on bringing SuperFast 1 GigE speed internet to over 10 Million homes in Asia/Pacific” I have invested in companies that are now working hard to bringing sustainable, stable electricity to municipalities and cities worldwide by using landfills and uncultivable lands to build power plants solar, biomass powered by solar, biomass and hybrid systems (Using coal/diesel/natural gas with renewable energy) to bring high quality of life to millions of homes worldwide”.  

In the mid 2000s, Chitnis brought in a consortium to invest $1 Billion in South Africa to build a large-scale communications network. Working with Telecom SA, Vodacom, ESKOM, SABC and others, Chitnis worked with leadership in various corporations to bring about new direction in the emerging countries telecom plans and directions under the guidance of South Africa’s then President, Mr. Thabo Mbeki. Mr. Chitnis advised the Ministry of Telecom and the Executive Offices of The Government of South Africa.

In Partnership with leading broadband companies, Chitnis launched the CableVision SA initiative to bring multicontent television for $3.00/month to millions of customers in Asia and Africa.

In a recent interview at the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, Mr. Chitnis was asked about his pursuit and investments to make the world a better place.   His answer to journalists was “perseverance against all odds”… Odds are often stacked up against your success and sometimes you win, sometimes you loose, but looking at the long term and planning for life’s work requires patience which helps makes the world a better place”.


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