Purchase Property in Cyprus

Voluntary repossession is when you cannot continue paying your mortgage, and that means you give your keys to your mortgage lender without checking normal repossession court proceedings. Although you may be avoiding the worries of legal proceedings, this will only be thought to be a last resort.

Cyprus is within proximity to all major sea and air routes! The sun kissed island keeps growing widely used every year due to closeness as well as the similarities to England causing resulting in a continuously larger influx of tourists to Cyprus. The location of the country geographically too, is perfect because Cyprus intersects Europe, Africa, and Asia the three continents.  Cyprus is closeness to all major sea and air routes that cut across Europe, Arabian Nations and Far East. All of these factors contribute to produce Cyprus an ideal investment destination.

Ayia Napa Marina

The popularity of Cyprus continues to be setting up a demand for around 20,000 properties monthly to become built-in order in order to meet the needs of property purchasers here and with all of the projects occurring inside island the demand for properties here’s sure to rise substantially well in the next decade! Added to this the scarcity of prime building land for instance: for building three golf courses signifies that any such property bought in these prime locations will determine a hefty roi or a massive surge within the value of you buy price. The single biggest reason to buy or invest here above a great many other destinations could be the steady but impressive surge in valuation on property bought here, together with each of the projects which are already being built means the significance and requirement for property is going to be incredible inside the next few years. It is also a fact that mass tourism gets the greatest influence on house buying in different region and so featuring its popularity already assured as being a leading tourist destination and retirement spot inside the world, digging in a few of the projects allow me to share likely to create the ideal circumstances for property investment and purchase for countless years ahead!

Another benefit of contacting them is that they can also guarantee you having a sale and rent back option themselves or expose you to companies who offer this kind of proposition. Many homeowners, specially the ones that have purchased property initially, are not wanting to move out of their property, simply because they are emotionally mounted on it. They fight to understand the fact that these are caught in a very financial mess and consequently must sell their residence in order to make their mortgage repayments and settle all other kinds or debts. Homeowners facing the same situation can invariably consider losing their property and after that make same property back on rent. Hence, they’d not have to get out of their apartment, and the property buying company continues to pay the mortgage repayment amount for the children. Many companies also supply you with the choice to buy back your home from them later on.

How to buy a house in Spain?

This section contains valuable and practical information about buying property in Spain. The articles are carefully prepared by our employees – experts in specific fields. The knowledge gathered here will allow you to make decisions easier, estimate costs and plan the next steps. You can read here, among others about: taxes, legal aspects, home maintenance costs and other important issues regarding living in Spain. If you still can’t find the answer to your questions here, we are always at your disposal.


The purchase of real estate in Spain does not differ much from Polish procedures in such cases. Of course, some issues should take into account local conditions and market specificities.
Documents needed to buy property in Spain:

Spanish tax identification number NO * (numero de identificacion de estranjero). You do not need to apply for it immediately after starting cooperation with us. Only when you decide to buy and book a specific property will we submit documents to obtain this number. A separate article provides information on this procedure.
Confirmation of opening an account with a Spanish bank
Passport or ID card
Copy of passport or ID card

Purchase of real estate on the secondary market

It all starts with the signing of the initial contract (purchase and sale contract in Spanish). This contract guarantees the reservation of the object. Of course, before signing you also receive from us the Polish version of this contract.
The advance payment when signing the introductory speech is usually between 3000 and 6000 euros.
The initial contract specifies the date of the notarial deed and the account to which the deposit will be paid – 10% of the property value. Payment of the deposit is usually made only if the date of the meeting with the notary is more than a month from the date of booking.
The next step is to sign the notarial deed. Then the remaining part of the sales value is paid. The notarial deed is signed in Spanish. A translator is ordered for the client’s needs. Your lawyer may also be present. All names of persons present at the signing of the notarial deed are included in the contract.

Purchase of new real estate on the market from a construction company

And this time it all starts with the signing of the initial contract (purchase and sale) between the client and the construction company.
When signing the contract, an advance of 3000 to 6000 euros is paid. It guarantees the reservation of the object.
The initial agreement specifies the date of payment of own contribution (30-40%) to the account of the development company.
The date of the visit to the notary to sign the notarial deed depends on the date of implementation of the investment and the collection of keys.
Any loan is activated when the keys are collected and the notarial deed is signed. Money for the purchase of real estate does not have to be transferred from a Polish bank, it can come from other world banks.

Both in the case of buying an apartment on the secondary market, as well as from the developer, if the transaction is not the fault of the buyer, the down payment will be retained by the seller. If the fault lies with the seller, he will have to pay back the double value of the deposit (unless the contract provides otherwise). The property purchase agreement is drawn up in the form of a notarial deed, otherwise it is null and void.
Purchase of real estate in Spain for a legal person, company, cooperative, foundation

If you want to buy real estate for a legal entity, additional documents will be required. Their list will depend on the form of business activity. Each time we provide you with a list of documents tailored to the specific case.
Terms of buying a property on credit

The great advantage for Polish investors is the favorable mortgage offer offered by Spanish banks.

a mortgage re-issue in Spain can be obtained up to 70% of the property value (depending on the bank’s decision)
Mortgage rates in Spain vary depending on the bank and are also negotiable (we can help you with it). The interest rate ranges from 3.5% to 3.8% per annum.
The loan can be spread over a period of up to 30 years, up to a maximum of 75 years.

To get a loan to buy a property in Spain, you must meet the relevant conditions. The necessary documents from Polish citizens working in Poland or conducting activity are:

certificate from the bank about having an account – bank opinion (translated into Spanish);
list of income earned for the previous year or for the current year – balance sheet (translated into Spanish – e.g. tax return from the Tax Office);
current earnings certificate (in the case of work) (translated into Spanish);
photocopy of passport;
extract from BiK;

For Polish citizens working or operating in GB, Ireland:

account statement from the last 3 months;
Payslips from the last 3 withdrawals;
Tax Return or P60;
number N.I.E .;
Credit Report – Equifax or Experian (GB) or ICB (Ireland).

Carisma will honestly and professionally guide you through the entire process of obtaining a mortgage for your dream home in Spain. Thanks to our long-term and good contacts with local banks, the majority of mortgage loan applications that we negotiate and implement are successful.

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