What type of work can one do through Ekipa?

Our vetted companies can take shape any software program, whether it’s a site, webshop, ERP system, application, etc., in almost any technology. You are able to employ a programmer or perhaps a whole team a bit longer of your time, to enhance your personal team. You may also do among the projects if they’re larger than 250 hrs.

How do you choose the best team?

All teams on Ekipa are completely tested, which means you don`t be concerned regarding their quality.

Please visit: ekipa.co/ebooks

Our goal would be to match you having a provider which has built similar software for any business like yours. You are able to browse our teams and choose they on your own. Or else you speak with our expert first and we’ll match you with the proper team. They proposal we make contains:

•    A detailed project proposal

•    CV`s of those who’ll focus on any project

•    The different roles needed onshore and offshore

•    The software development process suggested

Your Ekipa expert stays engaged throughout the choice and collaboration process.

How do you contract and pay my remote team?

You’ll sign an agreement with Ekipa. Ekipa bills (a part of) any project so we keep your profit escrow before you accept the deliverables. We handle contract and payment using the provider.

How do you collaborate with my remote team?

Using the Bridge Method you can handle your remote team as if they’re sitting alongside you.

How can the teams deliver?

The majority of our teams make use of the agile method to deliver your software.

Delivery From Your Team – Agile Approach

Your team will build up an architecture in addition to functional design which will drive the expansion process


Your team will apply scrum (agile methodology) to provide any project. You’ll have frequent (i.e. bi-weekly) shipping and you’ll have the ability to manage the backlog car project

Application LifeCycle Management

No application continues to be and can require changes (with altering market and business conditions). Accept your team the way you manage individuals changes

Some aspects of the Bridge Method:

Kick-off workshop: Bridge Canvas ©

Inside a workshop, we determine the program development process, duties, coding standards, communication rythm, performance metrics and tools. With obvious anticipation along with a communication roadmap, any project is off for any strong start.

Local Management Support

Your Ekipa expert is definitely there to go over any concerns you’ve regarding your project.

Weekly Process Meeting

Your Ekipa expert is going to do an every week (Skype) process call along with you to make sure that the communication together with your remote team goes smooth as well as your project stays on the right track.

Daily Project Conferences

Every single day in a fixed time, you is going to do a 5-ten minutes (Skype) call together with your remote team to go over the things they did yesterday, the things they is going to do today where they’re stuck.

How shall we be held protected?

Local contract, local support

You sign an agreement with Ekipa. Anything includes all clauses that safeguard your interests. Ekipa bills you and also keeps profit escrow before you accept the deliverables. Contrary within the collaboration together with your remote team bothers you, you are able to resolve it together with your Ekipa expert.

Property privileges

Our standard agreement guarantees that property privileges stick with you. We sign this using the provider too so we make sure the provider includes a clause in the employment contracts.

Work shipping

We is going to do an every week process call with your provider. Within this meeting we figure out what went well or otherwise well. We request you to definitely rate the company every week. If you’re discontented using the works, you are able to cancel anything having a week notice period.

Source: www.ekipa.co