Windows for offices and public buildings

Although PVC windows are sometimes chosen for office and industrial facilities, aluminum windows are definitely the leader. This is the most popular type of building in the case of this large buildings and the most optimal solution for them – ordered comprehensively, because aluminum constructions are often also based on interior walls.

Aluminum windows perfectly emphasize the industrial architecture of large facilities fulfilling public functions. They can be used to construct original facade walls and skylight solutions. Large glazing surfaces provide sunlight, which translates into lower electricity bills in the building. This is not the only advantage of aluminum constructions. With aluminum windows, all types of reflexes, light breakers and aluminum external blinds blend in perfectly.

Aluminum windows can come in various forms. They can be turn, tilt, tilt and slide, tilt and turn, structural or permanent. Depending on the type of profile, they can have standard or increased thermal insulation. In Ekoplast Kraków offer you will find windows, doors, various types of partitions, facades and skylights in a fireproof version. These constructions meet stringent fire protection standards.

We also offer aluminum internal partitions that perform the function of partition walls in buildings. They can be adapted to the preferences and individual needs related to the specificity and purpose of the building. This type of partition can take any form: fixed walls, with windows, doors. They do not need to be equipped with additional thermal insulation, which allows you to optimize the investment budget. As part of aluminum systems, it is also possible to make swing doors and even connect walls at any angle.

What is warm installation?

If you build a house and decide on passive solutions, we assume that the topic of energy-saving windows is not strange to you. We’ll tell you how you can ensure an even better microclimate in the rooms in your home and how to reduce energy losses to an absolute minimum.

Energy-saving windows are an investment that returns in the form of lower heating bills. When deciding on this type of solution, it is worth choosing a reputable window manufacturer and order a service with professional installation, because improperly installed windows may lose their functionality. If you care about the highest class solutions, ask the seller about the so-called “Warm installation” and everything will be explained to you. However, it is worth having a basis for conversation to know what to ask – UPVC Windows Costs.

Warm assembly, also called layered assembly, is a technique that is gaining more and more popularity in Poland. It is widely used and works perfectly even with our German neighbors. The standard installation is in short the installation of windows with foam and silicone. Warm installation is based on sealing places where windows are installed. This is a three-layer assembly, in which three layers of thermal insulation materials are used, forming together the outer, inner and middle layers. Its basic principle is “tighter from the inside than outside”. The protective coat created in this way for the thermal insulation layer prevents moisture or water vapor from penetrating, what’s more – it allows it to be drained from inside to outside the building.

Embedding windows by means of a warm installation method provides excellent insulation, both thermal and acoustic. This installation prevents the formation of thermal bridges, protects the house from moisture, which has a positive effect on the microclimate. It minimizes heat loss, so it will definitely reduce your heating bills in autumn and winter. We must be aware that warm installation is not possible in every building. This solution is intended for passive and emerging buildings. Requires a two- or three-layer wall structure.

What does the proper preparation of the jamb look like before starting the assembly? Its surface should be perfectly smooth and clean – you need to get rid of all debris, dust, moving parts. All this in order to securely and permanently attach the straps to its surface. The spacing and number of anchors used is very important (too few anchors are one of the errors that can contribute to the formation of thermal bridges and moisture, which can result in the development of fungi and mold).

Because warm installation requires the appropriate selection of high quality materials and special skills, it is very important that it is carried out by a professional team. To learn more about the installation of PVC windows and arrange a measurement, we invite you to our showrooms in London.