Men’s wedding fashion – global trends

A summary of the most important trends:

Being on show great fashion houses I notice a few important details that are beginning to dominate in elegant men’s wedding fashion. Snow or pearl white are beginning to reign on the most sophisticated catwalks of Paris and New York.

Suits are sewn not only from classic – smooth materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, but also fabrics with prints are increasingly boldly used for this purpose:

  • houndstooth
  • grille
  • pressed and glowing jacquards (once used for ties and vests now used on entire suits or jackets)
  • combined materials of various shades and shades

The gloss is still delicate, noble – unobtrusive.

The fashionable man is also not afraid of sunny colors:

  • bile,
  • sand beige
  • and even peach ….

Fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana have put on a beautiful classic “unexpected” cut. Bright colors, heavily fitted jackets, silk mixed with wool and cotton.

Gucci is a snow white composed with darker additions. Tight-fitting pants and slightly short jackets. White and black suits stand out in the colors of iridescent fuchsia, pink and red. For both companies, men’s bags and handbags are quite strong (metrosexual) accent, with which even ball and wedding suits are combined, probably also to increase the sale of haberdashery accessories.

Giorgio Armani remains true to blacks and strong grenades. His suggestions for men on this special day are not slightly different from the ballroom and formal men’s fashion.

Exclusive creation of men’s wedding attire, however, forces you to look for an adequate solution for an individual. Some gentlemen will dazzle with pastel pinks, others will emphasize whiteness, others will have to opt for gray or black.

Let us use what global trends bring us, but remember individualism!