Roof tiles, roof windows, gutters … What is needed to finish the roof?

The roof tiles sell very well on the Polish construction market. The low price and better quality go hand in hand with the modern and innovative design trend. In order for the roof to remain airtight for many years and look elegant, it should be remembered that it consists not only of the cover. What should we provide the roofer in addition to sheet metal?

Metal roofing sheets are not everything – you need to choose the accessories that are necessary for proper installation. This will provide us with durable and safe coverage for years. In order not to encounter unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to obtain the same manufacturer from whom the metal roofing sheet was ordered. We are sure then that the individual elements will match quality and color, which will be a kind of “roofing” set. The list of accessories needed to create the appropriate coverage should be specified in the house design. We can also ask in the warehouse what elements the manufacturer proposes and consult the decision with the roofer.

What should you buy?

Roof accessories are flashings, i.e. ridges, wind traps, gutter and gutter belts, basket gutters and ventilation elements, i.e. ventilation chimneys and ventilators. To seal the joints and at the same time not block the air circulation under the cover, it is worth using ridge and chimney tapes. You should also remember to seal sensitive places, i.e. the joints of all treatments. The company – Optilight Top Hung offers gaskets that perfectly match the profile of the roof tiles. Let’s not forget about the fasteners. Manufacturers offer self-drilling screws that are dedicated to coated roof tiles. If we have metal roofing tiles with topping, the best solution would be coated nails. We also offer products such as roofing sealants and touch-up paints. It is also worth getting interested in guttering before. The gutter system purchased from the same manufacturer will be the best – in this way we guarantee color matching and compatibility with the covering.

When buying roofing, we usually don’t expect anyone to move on our roof. This is a misconception. The roof should be inspected after 3 years (in the case of metal roof tiles), because winter weather conditions and autumn storms can cause leaks, which must be repaired immediately. To ensure safety and facilitate the work of a roofing company or yourself, it is worth investing in roofing benches and steps.

Interesting accessories are also snow barriers and snow grips – these are specially designed elements to prevent snow sliding down from the roof. It is a good idea to protect against nesting of birds under the cover with a sparrow. It is a comb attached to the eaves line. Another element that additionally seals our roof is the EPDM rubber collar. It is used to protect all accessories protruding from the cover, e.g. ventilation fireplaces or antennas. It is also resistant to aging. It adapts to the profile of the roof tiles, so you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of the house – it will not affect it, because it is available in the same colors as the cover we bought.