Plastic windows – types, prices, reviews, comparison to wooden and aluminum

Apart from wooden and aluminum windows, plastic windows are one of the three most important types of window joinery available for sale. PVC windows enjoy very good technical and insulation parameters. They are very often chosen both in single-family houses, apartment blocks, as well as in commercial buildings. PVC windows are characterized by a relatively low price and various possibilities of their application. Although we may associate them with their characteristic white color, manufacturers of plastic windows offer various interesting fittings and colors. This gives a lot of arrangement possibilities, but also increases the cost of plastic windows. Thanks to the choice of colors for plastic windows, they can look like wooden or aluminum windows – Upvc windows cost

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PVC windows are characterized by excellent technical and insulation parameters. Plastic windows are resistant to adverse weather conditions, as well as to various chemical substances. Such windows are also characterized by high resistance to mechanical factors and the passage of time. The most important parameters of plastic windows are very high tightness. In this respect, they far outweigh wooden windows as well as aluminum windows. Due to the high tightness of the PVC windows, it may be necessary to install special diffusers to ensure proper air circulation. Compared to wooden and aluminum windows, plastic windows do not require any special maintenance.

When buying plastic windows, we must remember about several important parameters. The insulation mentioned above is one of the most important. It is important to pay attention to the construction of the window profiles themselves, as the number of chambers in the window frame has the greatest impact on the insulation and tightness of PVC windows. Plastic window profiles in older models have three chambers in the frame profile, while the latest models can have five, six, seven or even eight chambers in the profile. Another important aspect of windows is the number of glass panes and, consequently, the shaft chambers, i.e. the space between the glass panes, which is often filled with inert gas, e.g. argon. If you are looking for more information, check out this article about PVC windows as well.

Another very important parameter in plastic windows is the class of their profiles. The highest class of PVC window profiles is marked A. Plastic windows with profiles in class A are characterized by the largest thickness of the outer walls and the largest width of the inner chambers. PVC windows in this class have the best insulation parameters.

The use of special gaskets in their profiles also has a great impact on the high insulation performance of the windows. In addition to thermal insulation properties, they have a positive effect on noise suppression and water ingress into these profiles. In PVC windows, EPDM gaskets are most commonly used, i.e. made of rubber or TPE, which is a mixture of EPDM rubber and PVC plastic. In plastic windows, resistance and glass gaskets are used. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the gasket has a greater thickness, the better the PVC window can achieve better performance. An additional gasket is often used in plastic windows. They give the possibility of additional thermal and sound insulation. Also check out the articles on windows and doors collected here.

PVC windows have good insulation properties, which ensure properly designed profiles of these windows and the use of gaskets in these profiles. In addition, appropriate glazing can improve the thermal and sound insulation of plastic windows. There are glazing units on the market with various properties and the number of panes and chambers. In plastic windows you can use, among others, glazing and increased sound insulation, anti-burglary glass, tinted glass and many others.

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