Difference between SEO and PPC

seofriendlydesignThese days the big race is begin to post your website and to add your website link on the top of the search engines and due to this many people pay for post their add at the top of search engine which is known as (PPC) Pay Per Click and some use the optimization of the search engine which is known as (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. The main difference between the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is that the traffic coming from SEO (organic) is free and the traffic generated from PPC is not free (as the name shows that you have to pay a cost per click).  This is the reason that you sometimes see the terms organic search engine and paid search engine. But both SEO and PPC are the part of (SEM) Search Engine Marketing these are the tool which can used in overall internet marketing. Other major differences are traffic potential, conversion, position in search result and ease of use.

Advantages of Pay per click

You can find PPC Ads above the SEO results and on the sidebar where exactly your ad will appear and depends upon the keywords in your ad copy, keywords you are targeting, keywords in your landing page and many more but it is either on the top, on the sidebar or below the SEO results. Organic results just appear in the middle of the page. It will appear in the top positions or first pages this depends on how you optimized your web site in both terms (on-site and off-site).

In SEO you can get first page positions by optimizing your web site for search engines and in PPC you can get your ad on the first page by paying higher cost per click (CPC).

Advantage of Organic Rankings

As it have mentioned above that SEO is free of cost and PPC is paid and this is absolutely true, you should understand that it would need a lot of effort and hard work to get a free traffic from search engines. This is the highest competition for almost every keyword you can search and you really need to have a high quality web sites and a great SEO plan to get one of the top position from first five positions. There are no shortcuts from which any “SEO” company is trying to sell you if you are not familiar with search engines that how it works and you don’t know anything about SEO then you must hire the SEO expert to do your work. On the other hand Pay Per Click is cost depending. If we take for example the cost per click of advertising with the most popular PPC system then search engines used the most popular keyword, which is used by the number of advertisers that are the particular keywords and much more.

Neither SEO nor PPC is easy to do if you do not have the necessary knowledge. SEO is a process that takes your a lot of time and effort. It may take your months or even years to rank for specific terms or position.

Why is Website Design so Important?

In this day and age, a well-designed website is a requirement for effective online marketing campaign. Internet marketing is a very powerful tool, and the most effective way to truly communicate with your market is through your website. Business owners who want to build their brand and connect with all their possible customers should invest in a good website design. Do you want to make your website more functional and aesthetically-pleasing? There are quite a number of website designers in Jacksonville who can help you.

With all the sites on the internet, it can be difficult to make your website stand out. One of the most important steps that will help attract traffic to your site is creating a good website design. A well-designed website helps potential customers find what they need easily. In turn, this means that more sales and profit for you.  A good web design Jacksonville will help increase your sales. Are you looking for good website designers? There are a number of Jacksonville web design companies that can help you.

What makes a good website design Jacksonville?

The business owner should be meticulous in planning the various stages of Jacksonville website design. There are many things that a business owner should consider. Don’t forget the following tips if you are hiring Jacksonville web design services.


You have to make it easier for your visitors to understand your site. Navigation should be convenient and content should be easy to read. If you think that a minimalist design works better for the services you offer, don’t hesitate to make your website as simple as possible. If you are looking for guidance in the planning and execution stage, don’t hesitate to call companies who offer web design in Jacksonville FL.


It is important to make your website look good. With a good web design Jacksonville FL, you can highlight the strengths of your brand. The mere act of fixing spacing and typography can actually improve your sales. Images and colors are even more powerful. If you need help with improving your website for more effective marketing campaign, get in touch with those who offer website design Jacksonville FL.

The big picture

Web designers in Jacksonville can easily help improve your company’s online presence by making more efficient website design. They can help you make your website more appealing. If you already know what you want but don’t know how to execute it, a web designer might be able to help you with coding standards and cross-platform compatibility. Leaving this task to a qualified web designer will give you more ties to concentrate on what you’re really good at; selling your brand.